Project results

Transparency regarding the new Match’In process and scientific monitoring of the project are important to us. In the current pilot phase, we are also working on the accompanying research at the universities of Hildesheim and Erlangen-Nuremberg. We focus on the following:

1. The evaluation of the implementation of the Match’In procedure in the participating federal states and municipalities.

2. The analysis of what the use of a digital tool means for the assignment of protection seekers, in form of a technology assessment.

This way, we want to find out what the Match’In algorithm achieves with regard to its actual goal, how the implementation of the newly developed procedure works, and what effects the project has beyond that.

The aim of the project is to strengthen and improve the local integration of people seeking protection through purposeful distribution. However, integration is a long-term process. A few months after being assigned to a municipality, it is therefore not yet possible to measure successful integration or compare the participants’ integration with the situation of other people who were assigned via the regular procedure. Only long-term monitoring of the people assigned via Match’In could provide information about this.

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