Presentation at the kick-off of the “Schutz- und Versorgungskompass SH”

On January 31rst,.2024, the consideration of special protection needs in the Match'In project was presented at the kick-off of the "Schutz- und Versorgungskompass SH".

Taking special protection needs into account is an important prerequisite for successful integration. They are therefore also of particular importance in the Match’In process.

In Schleswig-Holstein, which has a guest status in the Match’In project, the “Schutz- und Versorgungskompass SH” was launched at the end of 2023 under the auspices of the DRK regional association. This new project aims to improve the accommodation and care of refugees with special protection needs. At the kick-off in Kiel at the end of January, a presentation was given on, among other things, how special protection needs are recorded for those seeking protection participating in Match’In and which structures in local authorities these are matched with.

Speaker: Katharina Euler, University of Hildesheim


Illustration: Vecteezy


Thema: Allgemein

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