Exchange on different matching processes with the participation of Match’In

On the 06.12.2021, the Match'In Project was presented during the webinar "The matching process in the complementary pathways and sponsorship programs" of the SAFE Project

The aim of the SAFE project, supported by the European Union, is to strengthen transnational cooperation in order to improve access to international protection within private sponsorship programs and complementary pathways.

During the webinar, different pilot projects dealing with the matching of asylum seekers and places of arrival were presented. The aim was to discuss key prerequisites for a successful matching process within the implementation of sponsorship programs. In addition to the Macht’In Project, the projects Neustart im Team (NesT) and Pairity were represented.

Speaker: Sonja Reinhold, Research Associate of the Match’In Project, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU)


Illustration: Pixabay

Thema: Allgemein

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