The matching of refugees and municipalities as a concept for the future? The Match’In Project in the permanent exhibit of the Futurium in Berlin

The Match’In Project was accepted as part of the permanent exhibit of the Futurium in Berlin.

The Futurium as a “House of Futures” is a permanent exhibit in Berlin where visitors discover many possible futures, discuss them together in a forum and try out their own ideas in the Futurium Lab.

The Match’In Project recently joined the exhibit. The pilot project and the exhibition have many things in common – including the idea of diversity of people and their paths of life. As different as individual people are, so are their wishes and demands of the place where they want to live. The Futurium asks the question of what is really crucial for our future. This is exactly where “Match’In” comes in: it wants to enable people seeking asylum to start their new life in Germany in a community where they have the best conditions to shape their future according to their individual prerequisites and needs.

Photograph: Felix Maas

Thema: Allgemein

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